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Since its establishment in 1994, KCEC (The Khmer Consultant Engineering Corporation Ltd.) one of the multidisciplinary local Consulting Companies in Cambodia, has gained a very extensive experience in offering consulting services. With its skilled staff (architects, engineers, economists, sociologists, technicians,…), KCEC offer services in different fields and levels of activities :  site investigation, preliminary and feasibility studies, design, supervision and commissioning.

The staff is composed of local and Khmer expatriate engineers, having an average of more than 20 years of experiences in local and oversea projects, as well as in poor, developing and developed countries in the world.

KCEC use to work as sole consultant, as well as in association with oversea ones such as KCI (South Korea), LBG (USA), Scott Wilson (England), BCEOM (France), Cargill (USA), Nippon Koei (Japan)… We have a well-earned reputation for completing contracts, with works of high quality and technical standard, within short periods and yet at very competitive prices. KCEC is also classified by the Government to be one of the first class Khmer company complying with the Trade and Labor laws of the country (registration, tax, social affairs,…).

Our services cover many fields of activities as described in the following sections.

In our work, we use modern assisted design softwares and modern equipment, such as: Total Stations, Auto Levels, Digital Levels, Digital Planimeter, Black and Color Plotter, AutoCad for drawings, AdCad for automatic contour lines mapping and quantity estimates, modern equipment in our soil testing laboratory.


–  Field Data Collection
–  Preliminary Studies
–  Pre and Feasibility Studies
–  Preparation of Bidding Documents
–  Site Supervision
–  Quality control
–  Project Management
–  Project Identification & Evaluation
–  Training and Staffing
–  Commissioning
–  Architectural & Structural Design
–  Isolated or Turn-Key-Project

Fields of Activities
–  Architectural Design
–  Topographical Surveying and Contourlines Mapping
–  Hydrological and Hydraulic Investigation
–  Foundation Studies and Laboratory Testing
–  Concrete , Steel and Wood Structure
–  Road & Bridge Design
–  Port and Marine Structures
–  Landscaping and Outdoor Works

–  Electricity, Mechanic, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
–  Water Supply
–  Water Resources Development ( Dam, Hydropower, Irrigation, Waterways,……)
–  Drainage
–  Urban Development & Infrastructure
–  Agriculture and Food Security
–  Agro-Industry
–  Local Planning and Community Development
–  Rural Credit
–  Human Resources Development
–  Institutional Strengthening
–  Environment & Social – Economics Studies

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