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Decades of wars have caused a widespread destruction of infrastructures and human resources in Cambodia.

From recently and progressively, Cambodia is rebuilding its future, starting with the reconstruction and the modernization of roads, factories, plantations,… on one hand, and, on the other, the formation and the strengthening of its manpower (engineers, architects, economists, doctors,…).

In this respect, we have created in 1994 the Khmer Consultant Engineering Corporation Ltd (KCEC), one of the first multidisciplinary consulting firms in Cambodia, to respond to this noble task of reconstruction of our beloved country.

Composed of 100% of young local nationals linked together with older national expatriates having more than 20 years of oversea experiences in high technologies, international standards and state-of-the-art practice, KCEC has successfully accomplished numerous and diversified projects, in civil, industrial, electrical, agro-rural, environmental works,…

With the presentation of this Brochure, we would like to show to you the main achievements of KCEC until now. We also like to share with you : particulars, public sectors, nationals and foreigners, the prestige of Cambodians to have all the necessary skills to do the job in the framework of the rebirth of our country.

We would like to dedicate this Brochure to you and to our young generation. To all of you, we would say : ” Let’s build our future together for a better Cambodia

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