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Asian Highway No.1 Phnom Penh/Hochiminh City: 160 km

•    Preparation of the Bidding Documents, as Joint Venture to Scott Wilson Kirk Patrick (England) and BCEOM ( France ), from 1996 to 1997 (TA), and 1999 to 2003 (CS).
•    Rehabilitation of Roads and Bridges for a total length of 160 km in Cambodia.
•    Funded by ADB ( Total Cost : 35 Millions US$ )
•    Works done by KCEC.

Technical Assistance (1996-1997)

–  Topographical Survey ( Cross and Longitudinal sections of roads, bridges and  rivers, Contour Lines Mapping ).
–  Road Drainage Study ( Rainfall, river flow, flood and draught, discharge, velocity, levels )
–  Socio-Economics Study for the Resettlement of people ( Land Use, Type of Houses, Activities, Hygiene,… )
–  Environment Impact Assessment related to the Works, the Quarry sites and the  Borrow Pits.
–  Traffic Count and Road Settlement Analysis.
–  Soil Investigations for Foundation and Borrow Areas.
–  Structural Design for road, structures and bridges.

Construction Supervision (1999-2003)

–  Supervise the works and insure their quality, by assigning 21 engineers and technicians
to the job sites.

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