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Published by in News on October 19th, 2011

Form TECH-6 Curriculum Vitae (CV) For Proposal International or National Experts

1. Proposed Position [only one candidate shall be nominated for each position]:________________
2. Name of Firm [Insert name of firm proposing the expert]:_________________________________


3. Name of Expert [Insert full name]:___________________________________________________
4. Date of Birth: ________________________    Citizenship:________________________________
5. Education [Indicate college/university and other specialized education of expert, giving names of institutions, degrees obtained, and dated of obtainment]:__________________________________
6. Membership in Professional Associations: __________________________________________


7. Other Trainings [Indicated significant training since degrees under 5 – Education were obtained]:


8. Counties of Work Experience: [List countries where expert has worked in the last ten years]:____


9. Languages [For each language indicate proficiency: good, fair, or poor in speaking, reading, and writing]: ________________________________________________________________________


10. Employment Record [Starting with present position, list in reverse order every employment held by expert since graduation, giving for each employment (see format here below): dates of employment, name of employing organization, positions held.]:

From [Year]:____________ To [Year]: ____________



Positions Held: ______________________________

11. Detailed Tasks Assigned 12. Work Undertaken that Best Illustrates Capability to Handle the Tasks Assigned[Among the assignments in which the expert has been involved, indicate the following information for those assignments that best illustrate the experts capability to handle the tasks listed in line 11.]Name of assignment or project:______________




Main project features:______________________

Position held:_____________________________

Activities performed:_______________________

13. Certification:

I, the undersigned, certify to the best of my knowledge and belief that

(i)    this CV correctly describes my qualifications and my experience;

(ii)    I am not employed by the Executing/Implementing Agency;

(iii)   In the absence of medical incapacity, I will undertake this assignment for the duration and in terms of the inputs specified for me in the Personnel Schedule in Form TECH-7 provided team mobilized takes place within the validity of this proposal or any agreed extension thereof;

(iv)   I am committed to undertake the assignment within the validity of Proposal;

(v)   I am not part of the team who wrote the terms of reference of this consulting services assignment;

(vi)   I am not sanctioned (ineligible for engagement) by ADB.

I understand that any willful misstatement described herein may lead to my disqualification or dismiss, if engaged.


[Signature of expert or authorized representative of the firm]   4                       Day/Month/Year


Full name of authorized representative:__________________________________________________





4 This CV can be signed by a senior representative of the Consultant provided that if the Consultant’s proposal is ranked first, a copy of the CV signed by the expert and/or specialist must be submitted to the Client prior to the commencement of contract negotiations.

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