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Published by in News on October 19th, 2011



Project’s Name :



A- Commitment:

  • Consultant/Expert

I, the undersigned, _________________________(name of experts/consultant), declare to consent to Khmer Consultant Engineering Corporation Ltd (KCEC) to submit my Curriculum Vitae signed by myself in the Technical Proposal of the above mentioned Project in the position of _____________________________.

I will be available to work in this Project if KCEC wins the Project.

  • KCEC

If KCEC wins the project, a Contract of Services will be signed between KCEC and the consultant/expert to work for the implementation of the project in the position stated above and with the salary stated below.

B- Proposed Assignment Salary:

The proposed salary of this assigned services for the consultant/expert is ______________________(USD).

The above mentioned salary does not include the fees of housing nor transportation on site nor others fees as may be necessary for the work. They will be negotiated in a common agreement by both parties at the time of signing the Contract of Services between the two parties.

Date (DD/MM/YY):  Date (DD/MM/YY):
Name of Consultant/Expert:  Name of KCEC Representative:
Signature:  Signature:

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