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Published by in News on October 19th, 2011
Announcement on the KCEC’s updating of the policies and procedures for the recruitment of consultants/experts for the preparing of bids proposal for the construction projects.

The Khmer Consultant Engineering Corporation Ltd (KCEC) is pleased to announce hereby to the consultants/experts as well as its international partners the revision/updating of its policies and procedures for the recruitment of consultants/experts in the preparing of bids proposal for the study, design and construction supervision of construction projects funded by international agencies (ADB, WB,…).

The purpose of this updating is to define policies and procedures of KCEC to recruit the consultants/experts in a most transparent, fair and reciprocal way, from the first phase of the submission of documents, i.e. the Expression of Interest (EOI) for getting shortlisted, the preparing of the bid proposals which usually comprises 2 proposals (Technical and Financial) as requested in the Request For Proposal (RFP) up to the Contract Award by the Client.

In this announcement, the term ‘’consultants/experts’’ includes a wide variety of professions, skill and education, as team or individual. While in the EOI phase the CVs of consultants/experts are not required, they are compulsory in the Bid Proposal one. Those CVs are to be included in the Technical Proposal for bid evaluation by the client. The following sections treat the Policies and Procedures for the recruitment of those persons.

A. Policies

The basic rules to be followed for employing consultants/experts depend on the particular needs of the project. The general KCEC’s policy on the preparing of the proposal is based on the main following principles:

1. Need to high-quality services
2. Need for economy and efficiency
3. Need to give all qualified consultants and experts as team and individuals
4. Need to use by KCEC senior and junior universities graduated people from its own file board.
5. Need for transparency in the proposal process
6. Need to focus on observance of the code of ethics of the profession
7. Need to be free of conflict of interest (conflict of assignment, performance versus procurement, relationship with project’s agencies,..)

KCEC considers a conflict of interest to be a situation in which a party has interests that could improperly influence that party’s performance of duties and responsibilities, contractual obligations, or compliance with the laws and regulations. Consultants /experts shall not be recruited under these circumstances.

B. Procedures for the recruitment of consultants/experts

After shortlisted, KCEC will receive from the client the Request of Proposal (RFP) which comprises among others documents the Technical Proposal, the Financial Proposal, and the Terms Of Reference (TOR).

The Technical Proposal contains among other things the Team composition, Task Assignment and Summary of CV information, Curriculum vitae-CV for proposed Experts, and the Personnel Schedule. Consultants /experts are to be recruited, their CVs have to be included in the Technical Proposal, and their remuneration in the Financial one. The procedures of recruitment are as follows:

1. From its CV file board, KCEC select the CV of the candidates who fit the most the requirements of the TOR of the project for each position and establish the team composition for the project.
2. KCEC contacts the consultants/experts of the established team by phone, E-mail and/or invite them to KCEC’s head office to give them all pertinent information on the project, their duties, duration and the schedule of mobilization. At the same time, a copy of the TOR will be given to them for reference.
3. If available and accepted to commit in the project, KCEC will fix in common agreement with the consultants/experts their salary for the position assigned in case of bid success.
4. The consultants/experts sign the template P-1 KCEC to confirm their consent to KCEC to use their CV in the proposal, their availability to work in the project if KCEC become the winner and their salary. KCEC also signs it.
5. The consultants/experts prepare their CVs as to the ADB format by reviewing/updating/ highlighting them as to the tasks assigned for, with the assistance of KCEC.
6. After completion, the consultants/experts review their CVs, and if every thing satisfactory, sign the CV by themselves.
7. The consultants/experts submit the ORIGINAL of their signed CVs along with a certified copy of the diploma of education, a copy of their ID Card as well as copies of the certificates of their work experiences, and the signed Template P-1 KCEC to KCEC.
8. KCEC sum the list of all consultants assigned for the team with completed CVs and others documents.

KCEC then includes the CVs and the Remuneration data of the consultants/experts respectively in the Technical and Financial Proposals of the Bid Proposal, and submit them to the client.

C. Bid Evaluation/Contract of Services

After receipt of the results of the bid evaluation from the client, KCEC will immediately inform the consultants/experts on these results. If failed, the consultants/experts and KCEC are free of obligations from each other from that date. If succeeded, KCEC will invite them to sign a detailed Contract of Services (Template P-2 KCEC) between KCEC and them to work for the implementation of the project.

Any agreement of the recruitment between KCEC and the consultants/experts as the case may be and as illustrated by the signed Agreement and the Contract of Services between the two parties constitutes the basis of the legal and reciprocal ties between the two parties for such project from the beginning to the end of the project.

The samples of Template P-1 KCEC, Template P-2 KCEC and ADB Format CV (form TECH-6) are available at KCEC Head Office and can be obtained on request, or consulted/downloaded from KCEC Website (www.kcec-khmer.com).

Date: 14 November 2011
Khmer Consultant Engineering Corporation Co., Ltd (KCEC)

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