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JVC Technical School and Workshop

JVC Technical School and Workshop

NR No. 76 Rehabilitation Project

West parts of Kratie and Mondul Kiri Provinces

Spean Neak Bridge,Siemreap

Topographical and Mapping

Tuk Chha (Reservoir Mapping) / Bridge F1-NR No.6 (Level Control for Bridge Construction) Sihanoukville (Mapping for Optic Cable Installation) / Borehole by Drilling Machine Digging of Test Pits by Hand / Some Equipment and Testing Devises Materials Under Testing

Water Supply

Water Towers / Airport(1,500 m3) / Chaom Chao(1,500 m3) Chrang Chamres(1,500 m3)

JVC Technical School and Workshop

NR No.78 Improvement Project

National Road Rehabilitation Activities

National Road No. 1 Rehabilitation Project

Asian Highway, 160 Km, funded by ADB (Breaking Ceremony at Neak Loeung December 9, 1999) – Samdech Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia – ADB Representatives – Consultant (JV): SWK (UK) – Consultant (JV): BCEOM(France) – Consultant (JV): KCEC (Cambodia)

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